Go and Tell

Today I would like to encourage everyone to evangelize. Go and share something God has recently done for you as an act of his endless grace. Whether big or small, go and share with at least one person something unique God has worked in your life. Feel free to share with as many people as God places on your heart! God has recently worked in my life in so many great ways. This example may seem silly to some, and you may ask does God really care about those things? The answer is Yes! God hears every word spoken to him and not spoken to him, and he loves to answer us. I love to believe Jesus answers our prayers in accordance to our personality! God truly knows me best. Last Wednesday night I was in a rush to get to church, and beyond hungry– the quickest thing I could grab was a bag of blueberries. As I was on my way to church eating my blueberries I dropped one in my car. I immediately began to pray “Jesus please don’t let me squish this blueberry in my car.” When I arrived at church I could not find the blueberry anywhere– I figured it was somewhere lost and smushed. A few days later after I totally forgot about the incident, I saw the blueberry lying in my cupholder un-smushed. I immediately began to praise Jesus for his divine sense of humor. Jesus works in all around ways we would never expect, but he knows each and every one of us very well. Try and remember a time Jesus answered a prayer in a unique way– I encourage you to share with someone (including me.) For here on I encourage you to watch for the remarkable ways God shows himself to you. Our God is an awesome God–with a sense of humor.

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” -Mark 16:15

Glory to God

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