Glory to God in the highest💫

Today I would like to take a few moments to give God a little more glory and credit than I have been recently.


Today was a tough one for me, and I was ready to get home and go straight to bed so nothing else would “stress me out,” I told myself. After stopping to check the mail before getting home I was surprised at what I had received. A letter from my college– one I figured to be another piece of junk mail was actually an uplifting letter. The letter stated, that I have been added to the Dean’s list. My immediate reaction was tears rolling down my face. I have not been awarded anything admirable in my eyes since the 4th grade. The only thing I could think in my mind is, “Jesus, what have you done? You have brought me so far in life, when I am so underserving.” Although I was no doubt happy for myself, I had to stop and give God his deserving glory. It is always on the days that seem the gloomiest, and God seems the farthest that he shines his love and glory like a radiant beam of sunshine. I wish it did not always take a moment standing on a mountain to give God the glory and praise. Ask yourselves is there anything in your life that God has worked to your advantage that you may not have given him the credit for? Whether you are standing on a mountain today, or walking through a valley stop and take a moment to give God the glory. God is faithful–so if you are standing in the valley today, just know God is getting ready to do great things in your life!

*Numbers 6: 22-27

Glory to God

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