A love awaiting….

A young love; Janis being only 15 and Otis being 16 going on 17. Two lovebirds also known as a match made in Heaven. A winter and summer together seemed like a lifetime forever. Until a little thing called lust came Janis’s way. As for the lust, we’ll call him Bobby. Otis only being a typical teenage boy, unaffected and unaware of her deep cry for more love and time together pushed her farther away. Trying to hold on to their incomprehensible love she grew weak and drained until she fell in. Thinking there was much more love out there in the world for her: fell into a tragic deceit being lust. Bobby came in at a coincidental time and swept her off her feet as though he was everything she was missing that whole time. Months passed by and her mind started to wake up realizing this wasn’t what she truly needed or wanted but she felt as if it were too late to return to what she was really missing and holding onto that whole time, Otis. Otis distraught and jealous went out for his own version of healing and revenge while turning to other types of deceit. As the months went on Janis continued to be unhappy with Bobby who too was also acting as a typical teenage boy and chased any girl who appealed to the eye. Young and dumb Janis stayed with Bobby thinking if she could fix him into the image she had created he would then be that perfect guy she had always fantasized about. Looking for Otis in all the wrong places. Again, once that fantasy had faded realizing she could not change anyone who does not think they need changing, she turned to more deception and foolish ways of healing. Time passed while growing apart from Bobby was inevitable and their what seemed to be love, but being just a lust in search of a stronger love had finally failed. Because Janis had already found the love she was searching for, a long time ago. Through constant struggles and depression Janis still had one rock-solid comforter. Aside from drugs and alcohol, she tried to fill the void with; Otis was that rock. Despite the heartache and pain, Janis caused for Otis as well as her own self their love still remained. Another year passed and Janis knew she still could not imagine her life without her lover and comforter. 1000 years apart although they seemed Janis got down on her knees, looked up to Heaven and prayed to God anyways. Knowing this was her last option otherwise her heart might not make it. God heard Janis’s cry out and responded to her accordingly. For the first time in her few yet long-lived years Janis cried out tears of joy knowing that her soul-mate would return to her in a few short but long feeling years. When God spoke to Janis he told her the life she must pursue for herself while making God that rock that she had tried placing upon Otis. In the meantime, while digging deeper into the truth of Christ Jesus and the truth of love. Although, this reward came with a price: Janis knew what she had to do. So, Janis gave Otis a heart filled promise to hold onto along with that promise she also gave him a grace period. Janis told Otis he could get everything off his chest for that period of time apart and then when it came time to find their way back to each-other they would, and she would forgive him. Janis fighting a hard battle with the devil and some rather unspeakable demons will not stop until she has brought herself and her love to an amazing God-filled relationship. Although prayers always lift up the Spirit, she has turned her hope over to God Almighty. And a love awaits. Based on Psalms 40:1 & Luke 1:45….. 

Glory to God



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